Film Project

Film Project

The Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia is making a film called DECODERS. We sense there’s an opportunity to tell a story that would change people’s impressions of those who learn differently, and thereby influence and inspire a generation of learners.

Our mission was inspired by Dr. Gertrude Webb’s lifelong commitment to finding children’s strengths, celebrating each person’s unique gifts, and teaching them to embrace and honor their individual talents. But we also recognize that when it comes to dyslexia, academics, advocates, scientists and educators unanimously agree on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  • Is dyslexia an affliction or a gift? A medical condition, one of nine (or more) types of intelligence or an individual learning style? The common interest of a community or the obsession of a cult?
  • Does it matter that Johnny can’t read? Will ubiquitous Internet, wireless technology and unlimited bandwidth consign the tyranny of the printed word to the dustbin of history?
  • Do wealthy entrepreneurs, renowned artists, and skilled engineers succeed because or in spite of their dyslexia? Is there any proof that they are really dyslexic? Or does the premise just make for a better story?
  • Are dyslexics blessed with a uniquely holistic conception of reality, enabling them to solve problems impenetrable to the print-shackled mind? Or is that a fairy tale told to dyslexic children to boost their self-esteem?
  • Could the benefit of dyslexia reside in the grit, persistence, and ingenuity required to overcome the obstacles it creates?
  • Why are dyslexics overrepresented in both Houston’s Mission Control and on Huntsville’s Death Row?


DECODERS is the first documentary to objectively and fearlessly explore these fundamental questions, the answers to which hold profound implications for our educational system, social structure, economy, and the future of communication

We hope to create the film through charitable and individual donations, and a Kickstarter campaign. As WICD is a 501 © (iii) non-profit corporation your gift is a tax-deductible donation in accordance with the IRS Code. Please consult with your tax advisor for its applicability to you.