Radio Campaign


National Radio Campaign

The Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia ( has produced a thirty second public service announcement (PSA) for national distribution to radio stations.

The spot highlights the critical message that dyslexia, rather than limiting an individual often results in unbounded creativity and success. This message is especially important to families with young children encountering learning difficulties.

We thank radio stations for helping us spread this message of hope and understanding.   

PSA Script


 If you know a child with dyslexia, you probably worry about their future. 

 After all, what kind of jobs could they possibly qualify for?

 How about…. 

Aerospace Engineer… Graphic Designer…      Entrepreneur… Advertising Executive… Physician…   Visual Artist… University Professor... Urban Planner… Film Producer…  Software Developer… Actor… Crisis manager.  (FADE DOWN AND UNDER)


We’re the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia -- Looking at Dyslexia from a Different Point of View. Learn more at W I C D dot org. That’s W I C D dot org.

NARRATOR ONE: (FADE UP AND OUT)  Attorney... Architect... Theoretical physicist…